Studio Rentals


Pyramid is proud to announce that we have developed a cost efficient rental program called the Art Gym. Developing new ideas and new ways of seeing are central to Pyramid’s mission. When you become a member of the Art Gym at Pyramid, you will be able to work on an unlimited basis during all open hours, day and night. You will have time to experiment and discover, and be a part of an intensive and supportive community of learners.

"I've been engaged in a year-long screen print project and have found the Pyramid Atlantic screen print facility a good place to work.  Because of the amount of time involved, being able to rent space under the new Art Gym program has proven economical.  And, there are often other artists around to bounce around ideas”. –Allan Akman

Under the Art Gym program, you will be able to use the studios anytime:

Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday, 9am-9pm
Wednesday, 9am-9pm
Thursday, 9am-9pm
Friday, 9am-5pm
Saturday, 9am-5pm
Sunday, 12pm-5pm

You will also receive an invitation to our internal calendar, so that you may see when others artists are here, and which studios are available. To keep you motivated and in shape, Pyramid will host monthly critiques for Art Gym members. The cost of becoming a member of the Art Gym is a mere $150 a month. We require all art gym members to complete an orientation of the studio(s) in which they plan on working. To give yourself plenty of time to get in shape, we ask that you commit to at least 3 months of the Art Gym program.

To become a member, simply  fill out the Art Gym application.

Please mail the application to:
Pyramid Atlantic
Attn: Art Gym
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20901


Pyramid Atlantic invites artists to explore print and paper media at its studios and offers collaborative opportunities and technical assistance. In addition, our studios and equipment are available for individual and group rental. Normal hours for studio rental, one-on-one instruction, and artist collaboration are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Saturday.

We offer evening studio rental hours for approved independent renters. Evening hours are available Tu and Th, 6-9pm only. Appointments must be made for evening studio rental at least 24 hrs in advance. Weekend rentals are also available by appointment.

To reserve space, please call Pyramid at 301-608-9101.


Independent (No Assistance)
(*Must be Pyramid Certified)

Members: $15 per hour
Non-Members: $25 per hour

With Instruction (One-to-One)
Members: $50 per hour
Non-Members: $60 per hour

With Instruction (One-to-Two)
Members: $80 per hour
Non-Members: $100 per hour

Group Rates (3 or more)
Instructor sets the rate.

In order to prevent damage to equipment or injury by the user, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center has instituted a policy for new renters. Individuals who have not been previously approved are required to become "Pyramid Certified." The student must complete instruction with Pyramid Atlantic associates before being approved to rent alone. Renters will need to have 5 hours of one-on-one instruction and another 5 hours either one-on-one time or accrued through “happy hour” drop-in time. Pyramid offers “happy hours” where individuals can come and work in a specific studio for a minimal fee. Pyramid associates are on-hand during “happy hours” to offer help but do not offer instruction during this time. After an individual has accrued 10 hours of time in the studio they wish to rent, the associate will evaluate the renter’s understanding and decide if unsupervised rental is appropriate. Please click here to visit the "Happy Hours" activities page for more information.


Contact Laura Kinneberg, Papermaking Associate at (301) 608-9101 x 104 or

Pyramid Atlantic invites artists and papermakers to explore the possibilities of handmade paper through individual experimentation, group rental, and staff-assisted collaboration.
The papermill can accommodate conventional sheet formation, oversized sheet production up to a 4'x8' mould, and three-dimensional work. Equipment includes:

  • 1# and 5# Hollander beaters
  • a 3 hp compressor and pulp sprayer
  • 22" x 30" and 30" x 40" hydraulic presses
  • various kinds of moulds and deckles
  • a drying system for sheets up to 22" x 30"

Contact Micah Beard, Printmaking Associate at

Pyramid Atlantic's spacious, professional shop includes:

-a 36" x 60" American French Tool etching press
-a 36" x 60 " Takach-Garfield lithography press
-Rollers and brayers, plate warmers, and drying racks
-Silkscreen, lithography and solar plate equipment and a graphic arts darkroom.
-a Nuarc Metal Halide Exposure System platemaker and Digital imaging equipment including an Epson 2200 printer



Contact Letterpress Associates:

Letterpress facilities include:

-Vandercook 4T
-Vandercook Universal 1
-Chandler & Price Pilot Platen Press
-Craftsman Tabletop Platen Press
-signcard-style proofing press
-9"x13" Boxcar Base
-Printer's saw and various slugcutters
-80+ cases of foundry type
-Furniture, Leading, composing sticks, quoins, galley trays


Contact Patty Lee, Bookmaking Associate,at

Pyramid's bindery is equipped for full restoration work and all kinds of binding for old and new books and artist books. Among other things, the equipment includes:

-a 26" manually operated guillotine
-a large board shear
-an ancient standing press
-a backing press
-a Kensol gold stamper




Telephone: 1.301.608.9101
Fax: 1.301.608.9102
Mailing Address:
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910