Pyramid Atlantic's art gallery is located on the second floor of our building. It is host to juried exhibitions, invitationals, and special events. Gallery hours mirror our general hours. Come for a visit!

Exhibitions 2020

Hyattsville, MD—Spatial Rapport brings together the work of two artists in an exploration of space, place, and scale. Each artist exhibits a selection of their own mixed media work well as a series of pieces made collaboratively. Schieszer’s abstract work offers balance to McLaughlin’s more austere lines and forms. Together, Schieszer and McLaughlin aim to create a larger dialogue about space and daily environments.

At left: He...

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Work by Matthew McLaughlin and Brett Ferguson Schieszer

Exhibition runs from January 17 through February 23, 2020.


Amos Paul


Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception is March 6, 2020.

Exhibition runs from March 6 through

April 5, 2020.

Exhibitions 2019

Hyattsville, MD—Pyramid’s gallery will be tiled with original artwork donated to Pyramid by artists who love the nonprofit art center. This exhibition-slash-fundraiser has just two rules: all work must measure 10 x 10 inches and be priced at $50. Art moves quickly and the opening reception is not to be missed.

            10x10 Gallery View, 2018

10x10 opens Friday, November 22nd...

"Like a craft-store Andy Warhol, Lê simplifies or obscures faces and turns landscape features into mere blocks of bright color. He also arrays 3-D lattices over and under parts of the pictures, echoing those detention-camp fences. The contrast between picture and decoration, Lê writes, is 'reflective of the tension within my identity.'"

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Image: We’re Still Ok (2019) by Khanh H. Le. (Khanh H. Le/...

Hyattsville, MD—For Khánh H. Lê, identity plays a central role in artistic output. Recent refugee crises have made the artist reflect on his personal experience of waiting with his family for permission to come to the United States in the late 80s. Through prints and mixed-media collage, he layers together fragmented memories and images, including photographs of D.C.'s Vietnamese community, to create a new historical narrative...

Imar Hutchins’s portraits of figures from African American history contain multitudes, but in this case that phrase refers to experiences as much as chromosomes. The D.C. artist’s “Inheritance,” at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, includes five larger-than-life collage-paintings of such notables as author James Baldwin and surveyor Benjamin Banneker, as well as Lyman T. Johnson, the educator whose lawsuit desegregated the Universi...

Hyattsville, MD (Revised August 5, 2019)—Artist Imar Hutchins exhibits six of his larger-than-life portrait collages in INHERITANCE. Each work measures 6 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide with subjects ranging from the artist’s mother to the late musician, Prince. The works combine screenprinting, collage, and painting, resulting in intensely detailed and colorful depictions of these figures: some iconic in pop culture and some icon...

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Exhibitions 2018

(Updated December 6, 2018) Hyattsville, MD—Pyramid’s gallery will be tiled with original artwork donated to the nonprofit arts organization by artists who love Pyramid Atlantic. This exhibition-slash-fundraiser has just two rules: all work must measure 10 x 10 inches and be priced at $50. This cash-and-carry extravaganza changes throughout the exhibition; as work sells, new pieces are added. Art moves quickly and the opening...

OCTOBER 19 - NOVEMBER 23, 2018

Hard and Soft explores work that pushes the tactile quality of materials. Combined, the work of Thea Gregorius, Allen Linder, Michael Enn Sirvet, and Tim Tate questions notions of soft (ornamental, safe, feminine) and hard (resolute, unwavering, masculine) while it explores the relationships between sculpture and paper. Texture is central to this exhibition. Sculpture of metal and stone will be sh...

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Exhibitions 2017

DECEMBER 2 2017 – MARCH 3 2018

TAKOMA PARK — Pump House Pop-Up, an outdoor gallery created by Pyramid Atlantic, opened its first exhibition on December 2, 2017. 

"Water Works" focuses on the gallery’s proximity to the defunct pumping station and the importance of clean, clear water to Takoma Park. Pyramid Atlantic artists Marty Ittner and Gretchen Schermerhorn created a cyanotype /screenprint installation that utilizes imag...


PAAC presents the 3rd Annual 10 x 10 Invitational, exhibiting artworks by over 85 regional and national artists. Just in time for original holiday gifts, each artwork can be purchased for $50 and taken home the day of, with all proceeds benefiting Pyramid’s core programs.

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