A Virtual Workshop!


In this 2-day workshop, participants will be printing on fabric with the gelatin plate and acrylics. Gel printing on fabric is a bit looser than printing on paper—you can layer imagery and create interesting effects depending on the type of fabric you are using. The tighter the weave, the sharper the image. We will learn two ways to print on fabric using the gel plate. Pieces can be presented as finished art or used as part of larger textile projects.


All levels welcome.


Registration closes July 31, 2021 to allow time for students to gather/purchase their materials. With your registration you'll receive the full materials list (with helpful links) to purchase your items, any helpful handouts about the process, as well as a quick 1-page "how-to" on downloading and using the Zoom video app.


PLEASE NOTE: All workshops will be recorded for Pyramid Atlantic's private use to better optimize our programming and share as examples for funders. You may mute your microphone or turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded.

Gel Printing on Fabric Online; Aug 10 and 17; 6-8pm

    • Date and Time: 2-day workshop: Tuesdays, August 10 and 17, 6-8pm EST via Zoom (invitation link will be sent to registrants before the event)
    • Instructor: Clare Winslow
    • Materials: At registration, students will receive the full materials list (with any helpful links) to purchase supplies. The list includes:
      • One 8” x 10” (or larger) gel plate
      • At least one 2- or 3-inch soft rubber brayer (an extra comes in handy)
      • A yard of tightly woven light colored cotton: cotton, muslin, Egyptian cotton - pillowcase, torn up sheet, etc.
      • One stencil (for your size plate). A simple shape is best.
      • Bucket of water
      • Clean sponge
      • Newsprint or scrap paper (for cleaning brayer)
      • Golden Open Acrylics - at least three colors*
        *If you plan to wash your fabric piece you may use:
      • Regular (not student grade) Acrylics and fabric medium
      • Or Fabric screenprinting inks
      • Or fabric paint
    • Optional Supplies:
      • Rubber Stamp(s)
      • Flat leaves from the garden
      • Found objects to make textures (string, plastic mesh, etc.)
      • Freezer paper for stabilizing fabric
      • Iron