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Learn to create beautiful, unique prints in minutes without a press, using using Akua water-based inks and Gelatin plates. Students will learn to utilize stencils and natural and found objects to make textures and "masks," while experimenting with a variety of papers. The final, unique hand-printed pieces are suitable as finished prints or as a jumping off point for mixed media and collage projects.


Level: Beginner


Registration closes May 28, 2020 to allow time for students to purchase their materials. With your registration you'll receive the full materials list (with helpful links) to purchase your items, any helpful handouts about the process, as well as a quick 1-page "how-to" on downloading and using the Zoom video app.



PLEASE NOTE: All workshops will be recorded for Pyramid Atlantic's private use to better optimize our programming and share as examples for funders. Class recordings will also be made available to other registrants who may want to review the session. You may mute your microphone or turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded.

Gelatin Plate Printmaking Online; Jun 8; 10am–1pm

    • Date & Time: Monday, June 8, 10am–1pm via Zoom (invitation link will be sent to registrants before the event)
    • Instructor: Clare Winslow
    • Materials: At registration, students will receive the full materials list (with any helpful links) to purchase supplies. The list includes:
      - Gelatin plate: 5”x7” or 8”x10”
      - 3-1/2 or 4 inch brayer
      - Akua intaglio inks: Starter set, or two primaries and a black (alternate options: craft paint, Golden Open acrylics, or regular acrylics and acrylic medium for a retarder)
      - Plexiglass palette for ink (can be new or salvaged from old picture frames)
      - Optional 2nd palette for the gelatin plate
      - Spray bottle for water
      - Rags to clean brayer/baby wipes
      - Flat bottom bowl or bucket for cleaning your brayers
      - Paper: Package of white card stock, or smooth drawing paper—at least 30 letter-sized sheets. (Printer paper from home can be used as a backup.)
      - Optional: Other smooth paper for experimental printing
      - Variety of natural/found objects for masking and textures
      - Newsprint or scrap paper

      Other recommended tools/supplies:
      - scissors
      - pens, pencils
      - sharpie
      - large stack of copy paper
      - mat medium, white glue or other glue that you prefer
      - low tack masking tape
      - X-acto knife and fresh blades
      - self-healing cutting mat or cutting surface
      - Qtips, brushes, rubber tipped painting tool or other soft tool for removing ink
      - Sponge or paper towels

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