A Virtual Workshop!


Been eyeing those beautiful and useful Japanese-style slip-on aprons? Here’s your chance to sew your own apron with fabric you’ve printed. In the first session, you will learn how to screenprint your very own imagery onto fabric! You’ll also learn about sourcing printing equipment and materials, preparing your personal artwork for screenprinting, how to heat set a printed image, and fabric care. In the second and third sessions of our three-session workshop, you’ll make your own apron. You’ll become comfortable assembling and using downloadable sewing patterns; consider options for combining and laying out your fabrics; learn tricks for making patch pockets; and how to make your own bias tape. Access to and basic experience with a sewing machine will be needed for this workshop.


Note: In this workshop, the process of coating, exposing, and developing the students' screens will be done by one of the instructors ahead of the workshop. Screens will then be either mailed or picked up by students for Day 1.  To this end, the registration time period will end two weeks before class for shipping orders and 10 days before class for pick-up orders. This is to allow adequate time for the instructor to complete this process and get the screen in students' hands. Upon registration, students will be given guidelines on how to source and create images.


Registration closed May 1, 2021 for screen shipping orders; Registration closes May 7, 2021 for screen pick-up orders. With your registration you'll receive the full materials list (with helpful links) to purchase your items, any helpful handouts about the process, as well as a quick 1-page "how-to" on downloading and using the Zoom video app.


PLEASE NOTE: All workshops will be recorded for Pyramid Atlantic's private use to better optimize our programming and share as examples for funders. You may mute your microphone or turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded.

Make Your Own Screenprinted Apron; May 15, 22 and 23; times vary

    • Date & Time: 3-day workshop: Saturday, May 15, 12pm-5pm EST and Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23, 10am-1pm EST via Zoom (invitation link will be sent to registrants before the event)
    • Instructor: Gretchen Schermerhorn and Alyssa Salomon
    • Materials: Registration includes a materials fee to cover the purchase of a new screen which will be safely handled and processed either for pick-up or shipping. Students will also need to supply additional materials of their own, including:

      For Day 1 (Screenprinting):
      - Squeegee
      - Masking tape
      - Speedball screenprinting fabric ink (at least one color)
      - Spatula or plastic spoon
      - Water source (shower, bathtub, garden hose outside or utility sink)
      - Sponge and water bucket
      - Workspace for laying out fabric and printing
      - Fabric – at least 2.5 yards of 44” wide fabric or 2.25 yards of 60” fabric. (Details and suggestion provided with confirmation)

      For Day 2 and 3 (Apron-Making):
      - Sewing Machine with bobbin(s) set up for sewing
      - New needles for your sewing machine, size 80/12 are a good size for suggested mid-weight twills
      - Sewing thread in matching color
      - Fabric scissors
      - Ordinary paper scissors
      - Pins, sewing ruler or tape measure, and other small tools for sewing
      - Fabric weights or 4 or 5 heavy flat items such as books or bean bags
      - Iron and ironing board
      - Adhesive Tape for assembling pattern
      - Straight edge ruler
      - Pencil or tailor chalk to mark fabric
      - Rotary cutter (if you have one)
      - Cutting mat or matboard
      - (optional) 1 inch or ½ inch Bias tape maker if you have or want to buy one). We will also cover making bias tape freehand.
      - Apron Pattern downloaded and printed: Maven Patterns company MARIA APRON pdf pattern. (Links provided in confirmation).
      - Your Screenprinted Fabric from Day 1, prepared for sewing