Mezzotint is a non-toxic and subtractive printmaking process traditionally involving a copper plate and just three tools: a rocker, a scraper and a burnisher. Dating back to 1642, this medium is known for the rich, velvety blacks and subtle tone variations it produces. This is a two-day workshop involving hands-on work preparing and printing mezzotints. On the first day, we will begin with a series of demonstrations before drawing, scraping and burnishing on pre-rocked plates. Students may take their plates home to continue working between workshop days. On the second day, students will have the opportunity to print their plates, as well as discuss advanced and alternative media for future projects.


Level: Intermediate—line etching or previous experience helpful, but not required.

Mezzotint; Apr 23 and 30; 6–9pm

  • Registration includes a fee of $50 to cover provided consumable materials.

    • Date & Time: 2-session workshop, Thursdays, April 23 and 30, 6–9pm
    • Instructor: Niki Parker

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