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Let's get print-happy! Need an inexpensive way to practice techniques or work on your project in the studio? Want to meet other local screenprinters and see what they are working on? Screenprint “Happy Hour” is a hands-on, open studio session providing space to work and access to supplies (including the darkroom) in the interest of learning and practice. A Screenprinting Associate will be on hand to monitor and answer general questions. Certification in the studio and/or recent screenprinting experience is required in addition to your RSVP. 


Happy Hours are not suitable for printing large editions or for one-on-one instruction. Happy Hour registrations close at noon the day of the session. For last minute openings/accomodations, please call: 301-608-9101. No walk-ins will be accepted.


Please Note: (As of July 1, 2021)—While we are encouraged by the numbers reported locally and nationally, Pyramid is committed to the health of our artists and visitors. At this time, we are choosing to remain more conservative than the local ordinances. We have increased our studio capacity numbers in some areas but will continue to operate the building at a reduced capacity and require mask wearing in all public spaces. Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Screenprinting Happy Hour; Sep 2; 6:30-9:00pm

    • Date and Time: Thursday, September 2, 6:30-9:00pm (no early arrivals, please) 
    • Session Moderator: TBA

    Materials to Bring To Screenprint Happy Hour: 

    1. High contrast black artwork 
    2. Screenprint Silkscreen
    3. Masking tape
    4. Paper towels
    5. A sheet of clear acetate/mylar for registering images
    6. Paper or t-shirts for printing on
    7. Laserjet transparencies and newsprint (both are available for purchase in the Pyramid shop)

      Note: The studio is equipped with a laserjet printer that can accommodate letter-sized transparencies. Please make sure your transparencies are appropriate for laserjet (not inkjet). Laserjet transparancies are also available for sale in Pyramid's shop.