This is a creative letterpress experience that will give you the chance to produce individual prints using a slightly atypical printing process.


H. N. Werkman was a Dutch designer who worked in the early to mid-twentieth century. He improvised an unorthodox method of printing that he called “druksels,” which was a riff off the Dutch word “to print.” In this workshop you will make some of your own druksels. Using wood type as the basis for your print, you will hand-ink and then print using one piece at a time. The only catch: the type will act as a design element, not as a specific letterform. You will need to focus only on color, shape, and layout rather than content, which can be quite liberating.


No letterpress experience is necessary for this workshop—you will work at your own pace, and you will produce one-of-a-kind prints (it’s nearly impossible to print an edition using this technique). You will get to unleash your inner graphic designer using a process that is both fun and challenging.


All levels welcome!

Werkman "Druksel" Prints; Feb 26; 6:30–9:30pm

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    • Date & Time: Wednesday, February 26, 6:30–9:30pm
    • Materials Fee: $10, payable to Pyramid before the start of class
    • Instructor: James Quigley

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