Let's Zoom+Make!


In this Zoom + Make we will be making our very own air drying paper clay from very affordable and handy materials you might find around your house. The clay can be used similarly to ceramic clay but does not need to be fired and once it is dry it can be sanded, painted, and sealed and is very durable.  


Note: Registration closes December 6, 2020 to allow time for students to purchase their materials. With your registration you'll receive the full materials list (with helpful links) to purchase your items, any helpful handouts about the process, as well as a quick 1-page "how-to" on downloading and using the Zoom video app.


PLEASE NOTE: All workshops will be recorded for Pyramid Atlantic's private use to better optimize our programming and share as examples for funders. You may mute your microphone or turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded.

Zoom+Make: Paper Clay; Dec 16; 7-9pm

How did you find out about this Zoom+Make?
    • Date & Time: Wednesday, December 16, 7-9pm via Zoom (invitation link will be sent to registrants before the event)
    • Instructor: Will Burke
    • Materials: You'll need to gather and/or purchase the materials for this class, which include:
      - Approximately 1 lb of paper pulp: recycle paper you have around the house by shredding and soaking it in hot water overnight, and/or using a blender. You can also use a roll of toilet paper, soaking it in water until it melts into pulp.
      - PVA glue or Elmers glue
      - Small bag of flour
      - Small container of Joint compound (premixed, NOT powder)

      Optional Materials:
      - Salt
      - Vegetable Oil

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