CAESURA OBSCURA by Clara Cornelius

JUNE 10 - AUGUST 31, 2018

(Takoma Park, MD) Pyramid Atlantic opens Caesura Obscura, an installation of screenprinted banners bursting with color, pattern, and energy in a tiny outdoor gallery space. This is the second exhibition in Takoma Park’s Pump House Pop-Up Gallery created by Pyramid with funding from the City of Takoma Park Community Grants Program.

Caseura Obscura opens June 10 with a reception from 2 – 4 pm. The exhibition runs through August, 2018. The outdoor gallery is open to the public daily and located at Hilltop Road between Maple and Geneva Avenues in Takoma Park, MD. More at or 301-608-9101.

Artist Clara Cornelius transforms the 177sq. ft. open air site into a riotously decorated installation. Of the concept Clara says, “I imagine this space as a kind of pan-mystical cosmic gatehouse...visitors will navigate and explore the work by directly interacting with the pieces, moving through them and moving them aside to traverse the space and feel immersed." The imagery used in the installation is a combination of photographic and cut paper patterns. Clara is interested in transforming images and objects that could be described as ugly or ordinary into something magical, searching out the beauty in the underlying patterns of our world.

Clara is graphic designer and visual artist. She straddles both a professional design practice and a burgeoning visual arts practice bringing a vibrant, diverse style to both sides of her work. Prior to moving to Maryland, she was working and living in NYC as the Creative Director at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) while also specializing in work for the cultural sector. As part of this exhibition, she worked in Pyramid’s studios with their teaching staff learn how to screen print on fabric.


Pump House Pop-Up is the brainchild of Pyramid Atlantic Artist Marty Ittner, a Takoma Park resident of 17 years. “This space was waiting to be a gallery,” remarked Ittner, who has walked past the structure almost daily for over a decade. “I’m an artist and I saw an opportunity. It was just sitting there doing nothing! I wanted to transform it to be something else.” Pump House Pop-Up gallery is made possible by the City of Takoma Park Community Grants Program and Giuseppe Cimmino.