HARD AND SOFT: Thea Gregorius | Allen Linder | Michael Enn Sirvet | Tim Tate

OCTOBER 19 - NOVEMBER 23, 2018

Hard and Soft explores work that pushes the tactile quality of materials. Combined, the work of Thea Gregorius, Allen Linder, Michael Enn Sirvet, and Tim Tate questions notions of soft (ornamental, safe, feminine) and hard (resolute, unwavering, masculine) while it explores the relationships between sculpture and paper. Texture is central to this exhibition. Sculpture of metal and stone will be shown next to delicate works on paper. Delicate flowers are actually hard cast poly-vitro. Soft rounded spheres will accompany works that have been punched and pricked. Flat paper finds a way to be sculptural, and sculpture is printed to be flat.

The opening reception for Hard and Soft will be on October 19, from 6-9pm.