We Stand Print-A-Thon Supports BLM


"We Stand is about support and solidarity in the most meaningful of ways. Every movement has an aesthetic, an image, a message that ties it to the memory of its age. For us right now, Black Lives Matter is that message and with it a myriad of ways that Black lives are expressed. I believe in standing up for my people all over the world, and we are not a monolith. These images and the artists behind them are just a few of the ways we can stand together in service of Black lives, because in the words of actor John Boyega, "Black lives have always mattered."

- Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi, Pyramid Board Member, 
   We Stand Curator (@katskornerco + @lsp_onthego)


Michael Booker (@mabooker_art)
John Ortiz (@jgrafx.studios)
Gerald Watson (@geraldcwatson)
Hadiya Williams (@hadiyawilliams)
Jennifer White Johnson (@jtknoxroxs)

  Printers include:  

Adi Segal, Amy Callner, Aubrey Dunn, James Quigley, Jeana Foley, Lauren Emeritz, Melissa Ezelle, Nicole Parker, Sarah Matthews, Steven Stichter

Printmaking has a long history as a being an important vehicle to expose injustice, promote democracy, and bring about social change. We felt it was important for Pyramid Atlantic to use its printmaking studios in the service of the Black Lives Matter movement. We have put our space and equipment to work by printing original protest posters designed by Black and brown artists.

These works are being hand-printed, print-a-thon style, by an incredible group of volunteer artist-printers. Materials have been underwritten by a donor.

Collectively, we are pleased to distribute these prints for FREE in hope that you will use them to support of artists of color and in the service of social justice. Tape 'em to your windows, tack them to telephone poles, or bring them to the White House.

All posters will be picked up curbside.
If you need a specific quantity for an event,
email us at create@pyramid-atlantic.org.

Black Children Matter
by Anonymous
"I Need a Vacation from this Vacation"
by Michael Booker

(digital print)
Black Disabled Lives Matter
by Jennifer White Johnson

hand-pulled screenprinted print
"The Time is Always Right to Do What Is Right"
by Gerald Watson

(digital print)
In Your Name We Rise
by John Ortiz

hand-pulled screenprinted print
The Time is Always Right
by Hadiya Williams

hand-pulled letterpress print
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